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Concept & Philosophy

Welcome - At TERRA we are passionate about the land, therefore it is in our name. The land provides us with all the produce we are able cultivate from it. At TERRA we are in search of the artisans, who honed their skills, season after season, to work the land in such a way it provides the highest quality produce. This produce in turn is a true reflection of that local terroir. It is a magical combination of their artisanal craftsmanship and the harmonious ways of working, hand in hand with nature. Large part of this equation is attributed to the terroir, being the location, the weather conditions of the growing season, the yeasts in the air, the biodiversity in the soil, the exposure to the sun and an innumerable additional amount of factors. At TERRA we believe that true craftsmanship reflects the terroir in the produce, and that is what makes it so special. 

Whether it is a bottle of wine, a selection of  cured meats, oils, nuts or flours to make your sourdough. We ensure the producers stories are told, the tip of the veil of their craft is revealed so you know what it takes to get from the land to your kitchen or living room. 

We seek out and curate products, sourced from producers that are able to reflect this true character of the terroir through their craftsmanship. Producers that respect nature and work in harmony with it, intervening in the right places at the right times to bring forward the best characters in the product. Producers that understand soil biodiversity, that cultivate it and work the land accordingly. We believe a holistic approach to working the land is the only way which is sustainable for all of us on the long run and will deliver the highest quality products - and that you taste. 

At TERRA we believe in the shortening of supply chains and in bringing you, the end consumer, closer to the producers of our carefully selected products. We strive for transparency, to inform you what is in your produce, so that you can make the best decisions what you decide to consume.

We invite you to browse around and see what selection of products we curated from our partners and the philosophies behind them. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to reach out to us. 



We ensure our produce is of the highest quality and personally hand select every single item that we feature on our page.


All products have been produced in accordance with the TERRA sustainability standards.

Public Benefits

TERRA gives back to society through different initiatives. Find out how on the website under PBC.


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